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Chuck Hutton Chevrolet

Chuck Hutton Chevrolet, Memphis, TN, 145,000 sq ft

Problem Presented:

Original corrugated metal decking was leaking and not offering much protection from the weather. Additionally, without a sufficient R-Value, the metal deck was not energy efficient. The extremely busy dealership had to stay open throughout the renovations. Lastly, the mechanical room did not have proper drainage along with many penetrations, wires, pipes, and 15 foot walls, making it a difficult area to roof.


Loose laid flute filler was installed within the corrugated metal roof panels to provide a smooth, solid surface. 1.5” polyiso was mechanically fastened, along with a 60 mil Carlisle TPO Roof System and a 20 year manufacturer warranty was provided.  Because the internal gutter system around the perimeter of the building was now filled with insulation, commercial 6” Kynar coated gutters and downspouts were installed. The roof installation was done in phases and the open service bays were rotated to ensure the dealership was able to stay open throughout the entire project. Drains were installed in the mechanical room to correct the ponding water issue and the TPO membrane was brought up and over the wall.

Childrens Museum of Memphis

Problem Presented:

Roof did not have proper drainage and many leaks and the original CMU was was crumbling


Tore off existing roof system down to the concrete deck and installed a tapered polyiso system using an adhesive. Additional scuppers were installed and existing scuppers were made larger. A 60 mil TPO fully adhered roof system was installed and a manufacturer 15 year “No Dollar Limit” warranty was provided. The TPO was brought up and over the CMU wall and attached with termination bar to extend the warranty over the wall as well.

Overton Square, Memphis, TN

Problem Presented: Roof was leaking because of inadequate drainage, debris on roof and old skylights. Metal deck was damaged. Gas lines were in the way and there was nothing to attached the roof membrane to on the front of the building. Roof hatch was not working properly.

Solution: Cleared debris off roof and removed skylights. Replaced the damaged metal decking. Build a wood box around the gas lines that was used to attached the 60 mil TPO roof system. Custom metal coping was made to match the ceramic tile on the front of the building. A new roof hatch was installed.

Electrolux, Memphis, TN

Problem Presented: Both buildings were new construction. The flat guardhouse deck was installed incorrectly and was not going to allow the proper drainage. There was no detail provided for the area where the metal and TPO roofs met between the two buildings. Over 200 penetrations and complex AC units provided an abundance of detail work.

Solution: A fully tapered polyiso system was installed at the guardhouse in order for the water to drain properly. TPO membrane was head welded to wrap the internal gutter between the TPO and metal roof and the drains.

IP Tower Memphis

International Paper was new construction. During the first few weeks of the project, it rained constantly so when there was a break in the weather we brought out an extremely large crew to speed things up. We were able to roof the building in 22 days which allowed the general contractor to start working on the inside of the building much sooner than expected. We installed 3.5” polyiso, HD coverboard, and fully adhered 80 mil TPO roof system. We used a safety monitor at the high roof which was 170 feet in the air and did not have any parapet walls. After the project started, a screen wall was added that did not have a roofing detail. We were able to come up with a field wrap in order to flash in all screen wall posts and electrical outlets for the AC units. Because it was new construction, we had to repair 100 holes from other trades throughout the project. We also helped the metal wall panel contractor complete their metal work at the parapet walls to speed things up on the job as well.

Gap between two buildings

Gap between two buildings where the addition was built so we built a wall/ expansion joint by installing 2x's, filled with insulation, then installed a 3" sponge backer rod, and then EPDM flashing.

Custom wall detail at new building addition

Medford Roofing is experienced enough to come up with a solution when the field conditions and architectural drawings do not match. An addition was built, but we could not attach wood to the stone, the wall was 12 inches too low and above the joint of the stone so we couldn’t terminate properly. Therefore, we built up the back wall to match the stone height to install a coping cap. Because there were no edge details or corners, we had to come up with a solution for those areas as well.

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